Argumentative essay on environment zero tolerance in schools

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Schools Should Eliminate the Use of Zero-Tolerance Policies Essay

It is the hope of administrators that disciplinary actions such as this will greatly deter students from bringing a real gun to school. In fact, they could apply the law to individual situations and could thereby create much more just outcomes than happen under strict guidelines. Prompted by increased discipline problems within school halls, and in the past two years there have Impact of modern technology over 80 homicides committed on school grounds, or effectively.

This is because they have been put in the position of having to put people in jail for life for a series of petty crimes. It is the hope of administrators that disciplinary actions such as this will greatly deter students from bringing a real gun to school? Zero tolerance policies don't take into account individual circumstances. I agree that judges should more discretion in sentencing. I believe that most teachers and school administrators have the ability to make good disciplinary judgements on a case-by-case basis and should be allowed to do so. Zero tolerance policies don't take into account individual circumstances.

The problem of weapons and drugs in schools has become a serious problem in schools throughout the United States. In fact, they should maintain the time-tested values of justice and good sense.

Essay about Zero Tolerance Policies in American Schools

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