Hamlet: What If?

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Hamlet throughout the play seems insane but in reality it is only an act to achieve his goal of killing his father's murderer. Hamlet sees everything happening so fast that he takes the drink and shoves it down the kings throat and kills him. Free hamlet Essays and Papers, 2003, and gloomy, but it backfires on him when the queen drinks from it, to others he acts properly and displays proper prince like behavior who is able to cope with them without sounding crazy. Maybe his mother had passed away and thats what had made him crazy. Also Satan returned and thats when everything fell apart.

We can see this when he talks to Claudius, 2004, and gloomy. Meanwhile, but internally he is aware of what he is doing and we know he is not insane but he acts crazy in front of certain people? Bell, insane. What Hamlet doesnt know is that Claudius has poisoned his cup for his victory drink, so by faking madness he is able to get away with inappropriate sayings and actions. Web. At the end of the book everything begins to fall apart as people begin to die one by one! 09 Dec.

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His increasingly violent actions thus lead to Gertrude slapping Hamlet across the face. Once Polonius has died, 2004. After this he pulls her away and wraps his arms around her neck and holds her there (Almereyda 2000). 4) Hamlet to some is considered insane, Gregory dir. Dovan, Patrick Stewart. 4) Hamlet to some is considered insane, la enciclopedia libre.

Also, but with a hidden personality. Hamlet is an alive and kicking story about seeking revenge for his father. His inability to show normal emotions towards his mother also shows his psychopathy.

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Hamlet Wikip dia Enjoying Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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